Western Mental Health Providers in Thailand

If you have spent any time in Thailand you will have discovered that the availability of mental health providers is very limited. Finding western providers even more limited. There are many things to consider about selecting the proper mental heath provider.

Culture is a primary concern. The mental health provider must be able to see past cultural differences and beliefs. The longer the duration of the therapy the more the issue becomes a concern. If the mental health provider says something the you feel it totally off the wall, this can damage the trust, rapport, and cause you to question the qualifications and training of that provider.

Typically mental health providers often draw on experiences and beliefs to assist in the therapy either metaphorically or directly. As an example if you believe karma or a past life experience has nothing to do with your problem, and the mental health provider implies that it is a major part of the problem, it can most certainly make you have doubts about their professional qualifications. The situation is however much more basic, lack of understanding. In the same note a western mental health provider may find it more difficult dealing with a Thai for the same reason.

Due to the lack of Thai psychiatrists, the use of medication is significant to fill in the gaps between the huge case loads. As a result the problem is masked and not resolved. This is not always the case but it is true in a significant majority.

Under Thai law, only Thais can work in the capacity of a doctor. Because of that western mental health providers deal with therapy only. They only seek the assistance of Thai psychiatrists if truly necessary and as a last resort for medication.

Selecting the proper professional for mental health.


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