Managing your Stress with Hypnotherapy  

In today's world most people deal with stress by taking a pill or some other ingested substance. With the intense marketing of medicines by drug companies people begin to think that this is the only way deal with stress. In the long run all this does is mask the stress in a cloud and does nothing to actually reduce it. Only if the stress causing elements goes away, or learning how to deal with it does the stress actually end.

Because stress is a state of mind, Hypnotherapy can help reduce it. The human mind is very powerful, but we only use a small part of it perhaps just 5%. When a person is in Hypnosis, the ability to access the other 95% of the mind becomes available to the Certified Hypnotherapists. With this added power it becomes very easy allow the person seeking help to draw on this added strength to deal with the stress. This added ability is then used by the person to help deal with his or her stress after the Hypnotherapy is finished.

The end result is the enhanced ability to deal with stress without the use of pills. There are many types of stress including executive stress. Executive stress is just what it sounds like. People who are in executive positions experience very complex stress because their decisions effect many people. Executive stress can cause executives to be less effective than they need to be.

Stress left unmanaged can lead to more serious health concerns including hypertension, heart attacks, and ulcers. Anxiety management with Hypnotherapy is commonly used before surgery. This has the effect of allowing you to be sedated with less sedative. The positive effect is the less sedative the less chance of complications. After surgery Hypnotherapy can help you be more comfortable with less pain medications, also resulting in the reduced chance of complications. One of the most common side effects to Hypnotherapy I have found with my clients is they have been able to eliminate or reduce antidepressant medications. Click here to find out more on how Hypnotherapy can reduce your dependency on antidepressants.

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You may have stress if you have:

* Road rage.

* Snap at people even if they are only trying to help. 

* Inability to enjoy yourself.

* Reduced libido.

* Always feeling that you have too much to do in too little time.

* Financial Problems.

* Change in relationship.

* Caring for someone close who is very ill.

* Coping with self illness.

* Pressure at work.

Stress is a very unhealthy state of mind. The effects can include:

* Premature aging.

* Diminished sex drive.

* Weight gain or loss.

* Heart Attacks.

* Hypertension (Elevated Blood Pressure.)

* Emotional  .withdrawal.

* Internal organs not working at 100% that can lead to other health problems.

* Loss of sleep.

* Causing stress in others who care about you. (Relationship damage)

To see an overview of how this therapy is most typically conducted click here.

If you feel you have any of the above stress related symptoms, or others not listed please contact  me to discuss your situation. Confidential phone consultation is free.

Too far away? Consider using Skype for this form of hypnotherapy.

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