Stop smoking with Hypnotherapy

This is possibly the most informative site on using hypnosis to stop smoking

There are probably only three reasons you are here. You are here for someone else who you care about who smokes, or you are here because you heard the success stories about hypnosis time and time again and you are price shopping, or you are here because you really want to quit smoking.

Well unless you are the person who really wants to quit smoking then you probably could make better use of your time on some entertainment or gossip website, because the smoker would be here themselves looking if they really wanted to quit. If they do not want to quit then hypnosis will not work for them. Hypnosis can not and will not make them do things they donít want to do and neither can you. They have already learned to ignore how people stand back and look at them in disgust when they light up.

Now you probably thought or heard about people acting silly on stage with hypnosis and though that hypnosis could make you quit smoking because of those people acting silly and they did not want to. Well if you ever watch a stage hypnotistís show you will note he or she asks for volunteers at the start of the show. Those people know full well what is going to happen and they want to have some fun so the offer to be part of the show. Other people who do not want to participate will almost sit on their hands to avoid raising them.


Another example of hypnosis not being able to force people to do things they do not want to do is you will not find anybody on the top 500 list of the richest people that practices hypnosis. They got there by other means and not by using hypnosis on someone else.

Now if you are a smoker and you are just shopping around to see how much things cost then you are not yet ready to quit. Your health is not yet on the top of the list and there are other things much more important like finding a place where you can buy cheap cigarettes. So if that is you I am sure there is a website that will help you find those discounts. To better explain this, If you suddenly discovered you had cancer and would die from it if untreated, would you look for the best doctor or the cheapest?

Well by now I am sure you are starting to wonder and are a bit surprised as to why you are reading things like this on the website of a professional hypnotherapist. Well very simply it is all true and some people just need a good swift kick to get through to them. Some people are on the edge of the fence and are in need of that last push to make the right choice for themselves.

There is not a real need to tell you about all the nasty things about cigarettes because you already know or you would not be here to begin with. You are here because there is a battle going on inside you for control of your life. Depending on who is in charge at any moment you or the nicotine, it will decide what you do and how you feel about it.

When nicotine is in charge you feel good about saving some money on cigarettes and will drive across town and buy them in bulk because of the price of petroleum products. Nicotine will also make you go and stand outside and not enjoy the entertainment venue that you came to see. You become one of the banished and get to stay outside in the elements as smoking bans popup world wide.

But you already know all that and have decided it is just part of life so suck it up and deal with it. So now what about work and the effects there. Well first you may notice insurance co-pays for smokers is much higher for smokers. Also what a wonderful impression you make on everyone smelling like an ashtray. It also makes you not notice how hideous smokers look when they take a drag as their eyes bulge out and their cheeks suck in. Perhaps you are starting to notice other little signs of fallout from smoking. If you do not show respect for yourself, how can others see you having respect for them or others. That is something to think about next time pay raise time comes by.

The nicotine will make you accept this as part of life and just blow it off like everything else it causes and you become comfortable being an outcast and viewed as a loser in the eyes of many. With appearance being so important in nearly every society, nicotine just makes you blow that important thing off and light up again making you look worse than ever. Donít fool yourself everyone is watching you.

Also while you are thinking about all that, think about how young people learn form us as we set examples for them.











Now you have a choice to make, select one of the below.

I am fed up with this so called reality check, and I am heading out for a smoke. After I finish my smoke outside in the bad weather I am going to report you to the authorities for referring to me as a loser. Click here

I am fed up with myself and I want to quit. Click here


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