Therapy using Skype

With recent improvements in Skype’s quality and faster internet connections, the need to see me in person has been drastically reduced. Many of the therapies I do can be done remotely. I have had great success working with people using Skype for a variety of therapies. However not all therapies can be done using Skype and do require being face to face. Therapies that CAN NOT be used with Skype is Weight Management. The reason for this is some of the in office examples can not be used effectively with Skype. The option to use Skype for all other reasons is on a case by case basis.


For Smoking Cessation the first 2 sessions require a face to face office visit. The remainder of the sessions can be done by Skype. So if you plan to visit Thailand you can see me for your first 2 sessions and finish up the program from home.


To consider Skype as an option, your Webcam must be of a higher quality as some of the subtle body movements a person has while hypnotized must be accurately observed. Observing body language is very important as it allows me to see how hypnotic suggestions are being processed and allows me to make minor adjustments so that the therapy has the greatest possible effect in bringing about the desired changes. Observing you from the waist up is the minimum requirement.

Because of this the quality of your webcam and internet connection will be assessed in a free consultation before any commitment to using Skype. To request an evaluation simply Contact me by Email to arrange the free consultation and Skype quality evaluation.

Get Skype here.


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