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Main Page (Home page starting point)
Advertising (Advertising with hypnosis, how hypnosis can help your business or organization get a bigger piece of the market)

Age Regression (Information about age regression and it's applications)

Alopecia (Hypnotherapy for hair loss due to emotions)

Alpha (Hypnotherapy to become more of an Alpha)
Alzheimer's (Hypnotherapy for the patient and the care giver)
Anger Management (Learn about Hypnotherapy with anger Management)
Antidepressants (Hypnotherapy to help people get off mood enhancing medications)
Anxiety (Anxiety management other than surgery)
Anxiety Management Pre surgery (Medical Hypnosis application)

Articles (Articles and papers from around the world on hypnosis and hypnotherapy)
Bio (Biography page on John Krukowski, C.H.)
Business Services ( Information about Hypnotherapy as related to businesses)
Cellular level hypnosis (How hypnosis works at a cellular level)

Clinical (About Clinical hypnotherapy)
Confidence (Informational page on building confidence with Hypnosis)
Contact (Page on how to contact John Krukowski, C.H.)
Dental (Informational page on how Hypnosis is used in Dentistry)

De-programming (Removing the unethical use of NLP meant to change behavior)
Diabetes (Hypnosis with Diabetes. Taking control of your body)

Downloads (Pages of documents you can download)
Eating Disorders (Hypnotherapy on correcting eating disorders)
Ending Relationships (Informational page on how Hypnotherapy can help you cope with emotional problems)

Enhancement hypnosis (pushing the envelope with hypnosis)
Ethics (Ethical guidelines followed)
Erectile Dysfunction (Explains how and why Hypnotherapy works with Erectile Dysfunction)
Events (Future public appearances and events attended by John Krukowski, C.H.)

Expanded general hypnotherapy  (Areas of hypnotherapy have expanded into not classified as clinical or medical hypnotherapy)

Executive Stress (Stress management lessons and therapy for people who make decisions for others)
Fees (Fee schedule for services and estimated duration of Hypnotherapy)

(Informational page on the Treatment of Fibromyalgia with Hypnotherapy)
Gambling (Hypnotherapy programs on problem gambling)

General (A linked learning page about hypnosis)

General hypnotherapy (The basics)
Habit Modification (Information on how to end bad habits and start self improvement with Hypnotherapy)
Home (Main page and starting point)
Hypertension (Page on treating Hypertension with Hypnotherapy)
HypnoBirthing (Informational page on giving birth while being hypnotized HypnoBirthing)
HypnoOncology (Page on Hypnotherapy helping with life changing illness)
HypnoSculpting (Informational page on how Hypnosis can cause physical changes in your body's appearance)
Hypnosis (The history of Hypnosis. Where it all started)
Hypnotherapy (Comparing hypnotherapy to psychology and other mainstream therapies)
Hypnotherapy overview (What typical therapy looks like)
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Jealousy (Controlling jealousy with hypnotherapy)
Links (Links to hypnosis and non hypnosis related sites and link a 2nd links page with links of interest)
Medical Hypnosis (Description of medical Hypnosis and applications)

Medical tourism (Hypnotherapy while in Thailand for a medical procedure)
Mental addiction (Do you still have the mental addiction to smoking?)
Mental health (Do you know how to select a professional for mental health? Here are some guidelines.)

Mission (Mission statement about this website)
Motivation  (Informational page on using Hypnotherapy for self motivation)
Nicotine (Some reasons why smokers don't show up)
OCD (Page on Obsessive compulsive Disorder)
Pain Control (Informational page on pain management with Hypnosis)
Performance (Informational page on enhancing performance with Hypnotherapy)
Personal Experience (Page on a recent personal experience with self pain management)
Phobias (Informational page on overcoming fears and getting your life back)

Premature-ejaculation (Hypnotherapy for premature ejaculation)
Questions (Informational page on Hypnosis, some facts and myths)
Quit smoking (The second in a series of pages related to smoking cessation)
Relationships (Starting page on Relationship Enhancement. General information)
Relationships (Informational page on sexual issues and how Hypnotherapy can enhance your relationship)
Relationship test (Page with some eye opening tests to see how your relationship is doing)

Seven year itch (Information on how to fix the seven year itch)
Sex and hypnosis (A good summary page to start from if you want to know how hypnosis works with sex)
Sexual Addiction (Page on Hypnotherapy for sexual addiction)
Sexual Dysfunction (Page devoted to helping you understand how Hypnotherapy may help Sexual Dysfunction)
Sexual Enhancement (Simply better sex for anyone who wants it. A novelty or therapy? You decide)
Sexual Issues (Information on how Hypnotherapy can help in dealing with sexual issues)

Self Hypnosis (Helping you to decide if self hypnosis is the best first choice)
Site map (This page)

Skype (Using Skype for remote Hypnotherapy)

Schizophrenia (The effects of hypnosis on Schizophrenia)
Smoking (
An outline of my most popular Smoking cessation program. One of several pages on smoking cessation)
Sports (Hypnosis in sports)

Staying young (A new therapy designed to slow ageing)
Stop Smoking (A perspective page as to the wonderful benefits of smoking. The first of several pages on smoking cessation)
Stress Management (Informational page on how Hypnotherapy can help you manage stress)

Stress and psychiatric disorders associated with Political Correctness (Published paper on same)

Stroke (Published paper on the effects of hypnotherapy on stroke)

Stroke hypnotherapy (Available therapy for stroke)

Thailand mental health (Finding western mental health providers in Thailand)

TidBits (True stories about  misconceptions about Hypnosis and what some people have told me or done)
Viagra (A simple test to see if you need Viagra or not)
Weight Management (Informational page on weight management)
Weight Management (A more detailed page on how Hypnotherapy helps you manage your weight)

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Abusive Relationships
Age Regression
Age slowing  **
Alpha personality
Alzheimer's (Care Giver)
Alzheimer's (Patient)
Anger Management
Anorexia & Bulimia
Antidepressant withdrawal
Anxiety Attacks
Anxiety Pre surgery
Breast Enlargement
Business Hypnotherapy
CD's (Custom)
CD's (Standard)
Cell hypnosis
Child Birth
Children moving out
Confidence Building
Death (Coping with)
Dental Hypnosis
Eating Disorders
Erectile Dysfunction
Habit Modification
Headaches (CD)
Headaches (Hypnotherapy)
High Blood Pressure

Hypnosis & Sex
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Libido (How to increase)
Libido (Low)
Loss of pet
Medication Withdrawal Hypnotherapy
Medical Hypnosis
Mental health
Mind control
Moving away from friends & family
Nail Biting
Pain Management
Panic Attacks
Penis Enlargement
Performance Enhancement
Premature ejaculation
Questions & Answers
Relationships (Ending)
Relationship Enhancement
Relationships (Saving)
Relaxation (CD)
Relaxation (Hypnotherapy)
Self Esteem
Self Hypnosis
Seven year itch
Sexual Addiction
Sexual Dysfunction
Sexual Enhancement
Sexual Issues
Sleep Disorder
Slowing ageing
Smoking Cessation
Sports Hypnosis
Stress Management
Stress Management (executive)  **
Surgery (After)
Surgery ( Before)
Weight Gain
Weight Loss