Overcoming Sexual Problems with Hypnotherapy

There are several type of sexual issues that go beyond sexual performance. A significant number of the sexual issues people experience have to do with other things like fear, unpleasant memories, and issues from outside of the bedroom.

In general there is constant external pressure that effects both sexual performance and sexual pleasure. Typical examples are conflicts with religion and sexuality, other family members, work related stress and anxiety. Simply none of these issues should be allowed to interfere with a persons sex life.


Religion very simply should not come between you and your partner during intimacy. Religion does not belong in the bed, it belongs in a place of worship. A significant number of people who are overtly religious experience significant sexual problems because nature says to do one thing and religion says to do another. That results in guilt and shame and causes emotional trauma that interferes with pleasure and expressions of intimacy that can eventually have a negative effect on a relationship.

Lack of sexual arousal can be cause by emotions, and it can be cause by some physical discomfort from a headache to some other problem. If you lack sexual arousal or feel you do not match your partner's needs, exploring ways to bringing balance is just a consultation away.

Sexuality and intimacy go beyond sexual intercourse. Oral sex and touching your partner in ways they enjoy is just as much a part of intimacy as the rest. Some people have problems with pleasing their partners beyond just intercourse and this can lead to problems in a relationship if it is not addressed. Feeling more comfortable in pleasing your partner is just one of the issues covered with Hypnotherapy.

Having a negative sexual experience can have and often does have a long emotional recovery period. Bringing a quicker closure to that unfortunate experience and returning to a normal sex life is also one of the wonderful benefits Hypnotherapy has over all other forms of therapy.

Forgiveness of infidelity has two parts. The part that is publically displayed and the part that is intimately displayed. If you are finding it difficult it get that past moment out of your mind during intimacy, you should at least explore what Hypnotherapy can do to bring closure and forgiveness.

Returning to intimacy after a prolonged mental or physical illness is occasionally a problem. Concerns about performance can creep into the return to sexual activity. If you are experience problems and they do not resolve themselves inside a month, considering Hypnotherapy is an option to get back on track.


Erectile Dysfunction
 Not everyone who takes Viagra actually needs it. That little blue pill only works on one part of sexual dysfunction, getting the blood to where it was needed. The biggest group that really needs Viagra are men that have already suffered damage from smoking. If you never smoked, chances are very high you don't need Viagra. Amazingly Viagra even works on people who did not have that particular problem. The reason it works so well is because everyone wanted it to work. Even in people who just had a confidence problem it worked wonders. The reason it worked with them was the suggestion it would work.

I am very sure there are men out there who now think that unless they take Viagra, their sex life is over. But the fact is that only the men that have a circulation problem may find this to be true. For other men Viagra has done little or nothing for them. Only the suggestion it will work makes it work for them.

The interesting thing that the people who don't need Viagra experience the same waiting period for it to work. That's what they have come to expect. The on demand erection of younger days is a thing of the past for them. Once again the suggestion that they must wait for it to work causes that effect. Now take a moment and stop to think, are you one of the men who really doesn't need Viagra? And if your not.... do you want your on demand erections back? Perhaps spending money on pills you don't need is something you prefer to do.

Always keep in mind that if sexual dysfunction is not caused by a physical problem, then only thing left to consider is the problem is in your head. Hypnotherapy sessions with me will work wonders for you if that is the case. Medication for Hypertension adds to the problem for many men. Anxiety of negative self expectation has even been know to lower testosterone levels in men further complicating the problem. This can be corrected easily with Hypnosis. Stress is also a major contributor to sexual dysfunction.

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Premature ejaculation is one of the easiest of all sexual issues to fix. If you often finish before you start, then you should give serious thought to getting things in order.

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Hypnotherapy is also helpful in balancing your libido with your partner. Take a few moments to look at Relationship Enhancement to see what can be done there.   HypnoSculpting may also interest you. Perhaps you are just interested in enhancing your sex life.

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For Men & Women
If you are on antidepressant medications, you already know that they have a negative side effect on your love life. If you have been wanting to get off the antidepressants because you no longer need them, or for whatever reason click here.

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