Controlling pain with Hypnotherapy

Controlling pain or discomfort with your mind using Hypnosis is common. Hypnosis has more applications than most people can imagine. One of the more spectacular examples are people who walk on red hot coals. Before they actually walk on the coals they get themselves psyched up. By doing this they are actually placing themselves in a hypnotic trance. Even proper meditation can tap the subconscious mind (see short documentary below), The military teaches that pain is all in your head. So if a soldier gets wounded in battle they can control their pain. Unfortunately just telling someone that it's all in there head does little as some soldiers will tell you.

However with Hypnosis pain control is achieved in seconds. Other common application for controlling pain with Hypnosis include Dental Hypnosis.  Teaching painless child birth known has HypnoBirthing is a different method and requires a separate certification that I have. I teach HypnoBirthing in small classes. The advantages are you can watch your child being born without having your mind clouded by drugs. It's a much more enjoyable and natural experience.

In most cases using Hypnosis to control pain requires two simple steps. Step one is you are placed in Hypnosis by a Hypnotist who specializes in this type of Hypnosis, or Certified Hypnotherapist. (Remember that Certified Hypnotherapists are trained in a large variety of applications of Hypnosis). By doing this you are given the ability to tap the unused resources of your mind, and control the pain yourself. Step two is you will be taught self Hypnosis. This is so you can reproduce the proper Hypnotic trance and achieve the target sensation you desire. After that you can reproduce the trance any time you wish. So next time you visit the Dentist you can actually enjoy the visit.

The treatment of Fibromyalgia is very effective with Hypnotherapy and appears to be the most successful treatment that works. My recent personal experience has provided better pain control than morphine. But that is not totally unexpected because Endorphins produced by Hypnosis can be up to 20 times more effective than morphine in controlling pain. Another application is for general pain control due to illness like cancer, or simple arthritis.

This should only be done with the knowledge and blessing of your Doctor. Any pain control for a illness that is being treated require three way communication. Should you have any questions on specific pain control please contact me for your free confidential phone consultation. 

To download a PDF pain management referral form for your doctor to fill out click here.

To see a short documentary on how the mind can control pain click here (20mb file Apple Quick Time required)

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