Medical Hypnosis

Medical Hypnosis is used in conjunction with medicine. Anxiety and stress about  pending surgery or prolonged  life changing illness. Managing pain, or treating the symptoms of other conditions. Hypnosis is helpful with getting off some medications that have undesirable withdrawal symptoms. Medical Hypnosis requires a referral from a Physician. Medical Hypnosis is just a option your Doctor has. Two thirds of all Doctors now recommend Hypnosis for their patients if they feel it is helpful for them. The days of thinking that Hypnosis is just a bunch of parlor tricks is fading to history. Seeing is believing and more and more Doctors are coming to the understanding that the power of the human mind is truly amazing. Simply many of the mood enhancing medications or medications for pain only mimic what Hypnosis does naturally without side effects. Even insurance companies are starting to pay for Hypnosis in medical applications. For them it is simply a matter of money. Medical Hypnosis simply costs less in the long run. Quicker recoveries, fewer complications are just a few of the benefits. Each year new advancements in Hypnosis for medical applications are being discovered. To understand some of them select one of the topics below. To know more on how hypnosis works on a cellular level click here.

Hypnosis makes no claim that it can cure physical illness. However hypnosis through Hypnotherapy can stimulate the healing powers of the mind to it's fullest potential.


Antidepressant withdrawal
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Pain Management
Pre Surgery Anxieties




Also please look at expanded general hypnotherapy to see some additional therapies that may be classified as medical hypnotherapy.

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