Change your bad Habits to good Habits with Hypnotherapy

Habits are learned in life. Some are good, and some are bad. Identifying the bad habits is easy. Understanding how they got there in the first place may require some thought. If you can't recall how the habit got started, it can be done with Hypnosis. The method used is called age regression (not past life regression). Understanding that we have in our mind all our life's experiences. Memories, smells, tastes, emotions, sensations. This can be found with Hypnosis from about the time you were 2 years old. The exceptions are if you have suffered brain damage as a result of head injury, stroke, or life threatening lack of oxygen. If you already know how the bad habit got started, you won't need age regression. In short when the cause or seed if you prefer can be found, then it is a simple matter with Hypnotherapy to break the habit. Keeping in mind smoking is a habit that has both mental and physical addictions, Hypnotherapy is very successful (providing they really want to quit). Most other habit's do not have the physical addiction element. Because of this they are that much easier to deal with. Self improvement is easy with Hypnotherapy. Gambling , OCD. fall within habit modification to name a few. With Hypnotherapy you can taylor what you want. For example if you gamble and just want the will power to stay away from casino's, but still want to enjoy cards with friends or to play the lottery, it is possible with Hypnotherapy. It can be very selective or very broad.  If you feel you are not sure if Hypnotherapy can help,  Contact me for your free confidential phone consultation.

Too far away? Consider using Skype for this form of hypnotherapy.


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