From time to time people take advantage of other people with the unethical use of NLP. Mental health providers only use NLP in ethical ways, but other people have no such ethical commitment. Often they do not realize the depth of damage they are doing as the damaging effects are not realized for several months. Only a trained mental health provider can easily spot the connection.

Typically the most common programming is being exposed to a motivational speaker that was hired by a company to talk to the employees. The speaker effectively does their job and the employees are motivated to give 110% to help the company prosper.

Unfortunately this type of programming using NLP tends to destroy families and lives as priorities are restructured. Family comes second to work, and that should never be the case. People work to live and not live to work. As a result the family structure is destroyed because of neglect.

Signs of programming:

* Taking work home to do on your own time without pay.

* The feeling that the survival of the company depends entirely on you.

* Neglect of family.

* Rejection of rational ideas and suggestions.

* Changes in core priorities.

* A strong sense of purpose that was never there before.

* Sacrifice of personal time to do company tasks.

Other examples of programming can be found in politics or religion to achieve a goal or control of people. This usually happens after a motivational speech or series of speeches. Ideas and concepts are given that tap into a persons feelings of morals and ethics thus rooting the programming.

Signs of programming:

* Sudden changes in ability to reason. (This is the only way)

* A passive person has the sudden desire to get actively involved.

* A strong sense of purpose that was never there before.

* The feeling some newly perceived wrong must be undone.

* Rejection of other views.

* Ignoring of proof or other evidence that goes against the programming.

De-programming and restoring rationality along with proper priorities can be done with many methods, but most take a long time. Psychiatry and psychology can remove the programming but the process is long and drawn out. However Hypnotherapy with a properly trained hypnotherapist can remove the programming in a matter of weeks and not months or years as the other methods.

If you feel you want more information or help, please feel free to contact me. As always phone consultations are free.

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