Age Regression

Age Regression is a one of the tools Certified Hypnotherapists have at their disposal. It differs from Past life Regression in that Past life Regression is a Novelty, and Age Regression is used in Therapy. In some cased it is used in Forensics. It provides the ability to go back and recall memories with much greater clarity. It is not uncommon to re-experience events exactly as they happened. A person that was regressed back to first grade would talk and write the way they did back then. Memories past that time have not occurred. It is much like reading a book and going back to a specific chapter. The events in later chapters have not been read, and they have no influence on the memories being recovered. Because of this the memories recovered are very vivid. Not only memories are re-experienced, but smells, sounds, tastes, physical sensations are there too. Practical applications include dealing with fears or if you prefer the word Phobias.

Many instances the fears start from a event in the past. By going back to the event, it can be resolved by re-experiencing the event and seeing it from a less threatening perspective. Other uses of Age Regression can be to help with OCD, or even Panic attacks. The list is very long as to the applications. In forensics it can be used to recover bits of information that a witness may have forgotten. Examples license plates, descriptions and so on.

The most recent event that made mention of this was the search for the Washington DC area shootings in 2002. Before that Princess Diana tragic car accident that claimed her life. Unfortunately because of some of the drugs used the memories were erased.

Age Regression can be done so the person can experience the event all over again, or it can be as if seeing it from a movie. This is the preferred method when dealing with a traumatic memory. It provides a way to see the memory and not re- experience it. For a example a rape victim may not want to experience the assault again. But would feel more comfortable viewing it from a distance. The same memories will be recovered.

Often a Psychologist or Psychiatrist would send their more difficult patients to a hypnotherapist to help discover the source of issues hidden in the past. I use Age regression with the Relationship Enhancement therapy. A relationship counselor does not have this tool. All they can do is hope to make tomorrow better with today. I can make today and tomorrow better with yesterday.

There are 2 types of regression and both are effective in the discovery process. There is what is called pseudo regression that events are experienced in a past tense. And there is true regression that events are experienced in present tense. In true regression the person may speak in both past and present tense. Example regression may be back to your tenth birthday, and you may talk about what happened yesterday (the day before your tenth birthday).

If you have any questions about age regression and it it would be helpful for you or someone you know please  contact me for your free confidential phone consultation.

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